Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Lessons Begin

It's been more than a year since the last presidential election.  Amid both optimism for fresh start and doubts on how the votes were counted, Noynoy Aquino was declared winner and sworn into office as successor to Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Noynoy's last name has that political pedigree that makes it easier for one to win a Philippine election.  Prior to being elected into the presidencyNoynoy held legislative positions for 12 years.  But because of his lacklusteror should I say, boring stint as legislatorNoynoy will always be no more than just the son of former president Cory Aquino.

This taught n us the lesson that in governance political pedigree could be useless.  And we're bound to learn more.

Noynoy was elected congressman thrice and as senator but did not measure up to the challenges.

As president, his first 10 months in office tends to show that he won't be any better.  Remember the first great fluke of his earliest executive order?  What about the sacking of Director Nilo of PAG-ASA based on a flimsyor should I say, whimsical basis?

And who could ever forget how he protected his gun-shooting buddy DILG USec  Rico Puno who bungled on the infamous Luneta hostage-taking crisis that earned the disgust of Chief Executive Donald Tsang of Hong Kong.  One radio broadcaster even aired report that he's been tipped that the "good" and "hardworking" president was holed up in a "health complex" somewhere along Quezon Avenue the whole time the hostage drama was happening.

For someone who promised to wage an all-out war against corruption, appointing someone who was accused of cheating in a golf game as Customs head is simply ironic.  Corruption and delicadeza are mutually exclusive; they simply can not co-exist under one roof.  But in the house of Noynoy Aquino, in the absence of clear program of government, corruption and personal accommodation fill up the vacuum.

Noynoy Aquino sold us the idea of "tuwid na daan" which many bought.  Now many are realizing that it's the travel plan that matters more.  A road trip even on the straightest path with clear itinerary is no more than a "paglalakwatsa" - a dreadful waste of time and resources.  Many couldn't help but feel that they've been taken for a ride.

Sen. Arroyo put it succinctly when he noted Noynoy's administration is being ran like a student council.  Yes it's true.  And from the looks of it, we will be learning things the hard way.

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