Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tiongson Should Be Cited for Contempt

Tiongson lied when she said she doesn't know Tupas
PS Bank Katipunan branch manager Annabelle Tiongson lied to the impeachment court when she declared under oath that she doesn't know lead prosecutor Niel Tupas, Jr.

Tiongson, like Tupas, hails from Iloilo. Sen. Jinggoy Estrada even emphasized that Tiongson's uncle who served as vice-governor, was a known political ally of the Tupases. When pressed by Estrada if Tiongson has met Tupas prior to her taking the witness stand, she answered in the negative. Estrada, unconvinced, simply gave an irritated grin.

It was also believed that Tupas maintains account in PS Bank's Katipunan branch. It is therefore unthinkable that Tiongson hasn't met the congressman.

The picture in this post shows that Annabelle Tiongson and Niel Tupas, Jr. have met years ago when they stood as wedding sponsors.

Presiding Officer Juan Ponce-Enrile and majority of the senator-judges have tried their best to keep the proceedings in order and impartial. It is important, therefore, that such perjury by Tiongson be dealt with. If the impeachment court will not slap contempt charges against Tiongson, this will be a major dent on the credibility of the whole impeachment process.


  1. Its time we give them a lesson. You just can't destroy someone else's reputation by making false accusations without any basis whether in law or in fact. It is now clear that contrary to their claims, Tupaz and Tiongson are more than aquaintances since they obviously have common friends.

  2. You are correct Ms. Vicky D.

    And the Senate's reputation as a credible impeachment court will be greatly damaged if they will not do anything about this unabashed behavior of Tiongson and Tupas.


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