Monday, April 7, 2014

PeNoy Big Brother

German company to supply surveillance gadgets to RP
While the news headline is busy with DAP scandal, Supreme Court deliberation on the constitutionality RH Law, the controversial Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsa Moro,  the wily PeNoy managed to conclude a negotiated purchase of intelligence and surveillance equipments from a German company, Rohde & Schwarz.

The equipments and peripheral gadgets codenamed Spectrum will cost a staggering Ps. 135 million of taxpayers' money.  You can just imagine how many classrooms could have been constructed with such amount.

The purchase which did not undergo the process of bidding, was done in the guise of fighting terrorism.  But in the past 4 years of this administration, we've seen that PeNoy has the propensity to break laws, destroy legal decora and undermine independence of other branches of government just to be able to annihilate those he perceives to be his political enemies.  There is no assurance that those equipments will be solely used to counter terrorism.

These equipments and gadgets are capable to sifting personal emails and text messages, thus posing as threat to one's privacy.  This alone should cause great concern on the part of political opposition, leaders of cause-oriented and progressive organizations.

PeNoy is the big brother that Krissy promised to look after when Aling Coring died.  Now, it seems that PeNoy has convinced himself to play Big Brother to a country he's struggling to manage and rule.

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