Friday, November 4, 2011

First Cyber Rally Against Noynoy Aquino

A logo used by cyber rallyists
Earlier today hundreds of Netizens participated in the first ever cyber rally against Noynoy Aquino. The cyber rally coincided with Aquino's live online interview that was arranged by Youtube in cooperation with local media outfit ANC.,

Particpants in the cyber rally "occupied" official pages of Noynoy Aquino and ANC 24/7 posted non-stop reacting and commenting on Aquino's answers in the interview. Some pro-Aquino Facebook users tried to answered back but the number of the cyber rallyists simply overwhelmed them.

Among the issues that were brought up by the cyber rallyists are justice for soldiers that were killed in Al-Barka, agrarian reform and distribution of Hacienda Luisita to farmers, massacres under the two Aquino regimes, deterioration of peace and order and rising poverty.

Below is a statement coming from one of the participants of the cyber rally:

This is the biggest news of the day! The start of a cyber phenomenon was launched at 10:00 AM today by a conglomeration of different social groups, the clergy, members of the academe, the youth sector, the professional sector and the Armed Forces of the Philippines. It was a giant success!

The President's own website was practically filled with questions that no one could answer. The questions ranged from his policies on human rights, food, electricity, education, housing, graft and corruption within his administration. The biggest question however remained as to his loyalty to his country.

He was asked, through his web page, why he gave out P5M to the MILF? By what authority he did so. How he was going to honor and give justice to all the soldiers that died in all parts of the country but more specially in Basilan.

The website that promised answers to the people's questions remained ominously silent. It went further to ask for phone numbers and credit card numbers from everyone who wanted to post anything. This is normally done on the web when you ask for services to be rendered or something in return. This is opposite to the very creation of the President's website. Yet, the questions kept coming and the answers did not!

Rather than facing up to meet the queries of the nation, the site was busy warding everyone off. (In web language, blocking everyone.) This was not only amusing but disturbing. Why was the President's site created for then? Propaganda we can understand. but that was not the declared intent of the web site. It was to get the people's pulse. It failed to do that!

That the so-called Cyber Rally Ng Bayan was a huge success. This cannot be denied. The Filipinos have discovered a new platform to ventilate their questions and even angst at the way thing are going or not with our government.

The end result is that more is planned and in various forums. This will not be the end but the beginning of more to come. The people will no longer be silenced. The magic of cyber space is that it is free to all. The fact is that they have found a very powerful medium to ventilate their opinions and positions.

In the meantime, the question remains, where is the justice for the fallen men of the Armed Forces of the Philippines? Who will give them this same justice? Not the President who has already declared them as having been wrong. Not the Commission on Human Rights who has not lifted a single finger to see how and why the soldiers died. Only the ordinary citizens are taking up their cudgels.

This will not be stopped!!!

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