Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rally ng Bayan

Invitation poster for virtual rally of anti-Noynoy Aquino forces

Take part in our virtual rally on Friday, November d’ 4th! Get involved via Facebook! Virtual Rally starts at 10 am to 4 pm at the BSAIII Facebook page (see link below) and will continue until 10pm at the ANC Facebook Page.

Studies show that virtual rallies and cyber activism have become the newest channels in expressing concern about current events and in supporting a cause.

1. By Virtual Attendance
2. No traveling required so more people could join
3. No threats from rain, dust, heat, police, physical violence, stoning, water hosing, being chased etc.
4. No need to stand in an over-crowded rally venue
5. Can participate while in the comfort of your home
6. No need to rush to the rally venue, no traffic to beat to get there
7. Rally does not end when attendees disperse, protest rally could go on
8. Lasting effect as messages remain

Here’s how:
1. Log on to your Facebook account
2. Like the following pages:
3. Type your message on any of the two Facebook Pages above (refer to schedules), post pictures or your links to information
4. Participate in the discussions
5. Be ready to debate with people who are against our cause so know the subject well.
Our Cause: Justice for the 19 Fallen Heroes of Basilan. Allegiance to Philippine Sovereignty

Our Rally Shout: The President should be held accountable for the allocation of financial aid to enemies of the state which in legal terms is Treason, an impeachable offense.

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