Sunday, December 25, 2011

House for Sale

The United States of America is still reeling from the economic disaster brought about by the credit crunch that resulted to record number of houses foreclosed. This housing crisis not only stripped many American families of their houses as those who were able to keep theirs are stunned as they see the value of their houses plummeted. Worse even at their historical low prices, there were hardly any buyers.

Back here, a crisis was brewing; one that threatens democratic ideals as we know them. Unlike the economic crisis in the United States, ours is a political one. It's not like the housing crisis, but a crisis that a Philippine legislative house started. It was when the lower house agreed to be assimilated by the executive branch and became willing pawn in assaulting a co-equal branch of government - the judiciary by impeaching Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Like many Filipinos, I was shocked and awed by the way the members of the lower house allowed themselves to be used by Malaacanang in its deadly political game. As expected, the leadership of the House of Representatives came out one by one trying hard to convince that the impeachment of CJ Corona is their initiative, and that Noynoy Aquino did not have a hand on it.

Everybody knows that Noynoy Aquino was on top of everything from the planning stage up to the time that the impeachment complaint was passed by his surrogates. We know that there was this meeting between Noynoy Aquino and his Congress allies in a Japanese restaurant. It was also reported that after this meeting House members proceeded to Rep. Boyet Gonzales' residence where they discussed how they will railroad the impeachment complaint to make sure that Corona will be impeached before the Congress recess.

We also know how key House leaders rounded up members of the majority to force them sponsor and sign the complaint so that it could reach the 1/3 of the body's memberships so it could bypass the Justice Committee.

And of course there's Speaker Belmonte's admission that he "reported" to Noynoy Aquino that the impeachment was successful.

The public knows that Corona''s impeachment was Aquino's way of getting back at the Supreme Court for stripping his family of its most treasured Hacienda Luisita. And by dangling pork barrel at the congressmen Noynoy Aquino got he wished for.

Many are still dumbfounded at the lower house's action. But what's in a name? It's precisely called lower house because it is composed of low-life political prostitutes who are willing to get laid as long as they will get paid.

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