Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sense and Sensibility

Screen shot of Valerie Conception's tweets
As rescuers are having a hard time searching for still missing bodies . . .

As relief goods are hard to come by and arrive in trickle amount . . .

As Mindanaoans affected by Sendong are trying to pick up the pieces of their ravaged lives . . .

As many Iliganons and Cagayanons are mourning the loss of family members . . .

Noynoy Aquino was having a great time last night at the PSG Christmas Party in Malacanang!

This was discovered through the tweets of actress Valerie Concepcion who was invited as one of the two guest performers. The other one is sultry songstress Jessa Zaragoza.

According to one of Ms. Concepcion's tweets:

Done w/ work.. Tnx for having me.. :) It was nice to see Pres. P-Noy laughing at my jokes & enjoying my performance..├╝ #Malaca├▒ang #PSGNight

Malacanang did some damage control and asked the actress to delete her tweets as it put Noynoy Aquino in a bad light.

Christmas is generally a season of parties and merriments. But under the present circumstance that a great part of northern Mindanao was devastated by a calamity common sense dictates that the country's leader show sympathy.

It is insensible for a president to party and have a great time when a good number of your constituents are mourning loss of family members.

As of posting time, Red Cross reported that death toll due to Typhoon Sendong's fury rose to 632 while 808 are still missing.

It is my fervent wish that Noynoy Aquino will have the sense and sensibility of a leader of a nation.

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