Friday, February 17, 2012

Chief Justice Corona Fights Back

SC Chief Justice Corona dares Noynoy Aquino
CJ Renato C. Corona
17 February 2012

I am calling on our President not to meddle, pre-empt and influence the Senate Impeachment Court. There is a process to these impeachment proceedings, and that is written in our Constitution and the Rules of the Senate.

Wasn't it you who chose this step and brought it to the Senate? Let us not allow this hearing to go far from the Impeachment Court and use media to judge me. Let us allow the case to move forward based on the Rule of Law and its rightful process. As you once said, "it is best if we all watch and keep silent first."

As to what you said (at La Consolacion) "It would seem that we are being led astray so we can lose interest in the case." There is no one else to blame but your very own Prosecution team who continuously bring out false lists of my properties, print out my salary to show that I do not have the capacity to purchase, yet, not including the overall situation, and in the end, brought out falsified documents from the bank. Who, then, is the one responsible for fooling the people?

As President of our country, you do not need "to lighten up and straighten out the issue that is determinedly derailed by some." That is the duty of the Senate Impeachment Court. Your duty is to seek solutions to the worsening poverty and hunger of our people, the never-ending rise of gasoline and other prime commodities, the continued demolition of the houses of the poor and the slow response to aid for those who have been hit by calamaties brought about by disregard for our environment. This is what you must focus on, sir!

Why do you teach the youth to judge when they do not know the whole truth, when only one side is still being heard? Is this the "justice and fair play" you teach the young? Give me, sir, the opportunity to give my side, present my evidence, answer your baseless charges, and to bring out the truth. This is true justice and based on our Constitution.

If you find the hearing of the case you brought against me to be slow, the solution is in the hands of your prosecutors!

The wind beneath Corona's wings
I bring out my SALN. I have not hidden this. My not having this printed out is based on a ruling of the Supreme Court of over two decades now, I was not even a magistrate then. I will explain my SALN when my time and opportunity comes, as dictated by the process of the impeachment proceedings.

Probably, it would be best if you, Mr. President, bring out your SALN, and explain it to the people. Maybe, bring out your bank accounts and psychological records that have been an issue for so long. We have the duty to show our people that we are of sound mind!

Now, regarding what you said on the case of Rabe v. Flores, where the court interpreter was removed from service, maybe your brilliant lawyers should have explained that Ms. Flores was removed not only for non-declaration of her SALN and her renting out. She was removed because of her "double compensation," or salaries primarily, or receiving salary twice, one from the town of Panabo, Davao, and the other from the court!

I am with you in stating that we should not allow to "continue a system where one is oppressed." I have only abut 20 in my defense that serve me for free, against 188 congressmen and 60, more or less, private prosecutors, who are all paid from the cofferes of the country. Let's add to this the BIR and LTO Commissioners, LRA Administrator, Registers of Deeds, BID Commissioner, and many mor officials and men of government that is sent out to look for more wrong-doings of myself and my family.

CJ Corona addresses supporters

You are using the power and might of the entire government machinery to abuse, coerce and humliate me and my family. Is this fair play? Is this the "Daang Matuwid?"

I am also calling on our people. The President controls the entire Executive Department. He also controls the House of Representatives. Let us not allow him to also handle the Senate. Let us not permit him to handcuff the Supreme Court and the entire Judiciary. This is for our democracy. This is for all of us.


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