Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dear ABS-CBN Advertiser

In disservice to the Filipino
Dear ABS-CBN News Programs Advertiser:

I am a sensible and patriotic Filipino, and, as such, I am making the informed decision not to support companies that advertise on any news and public affairs programs of ABS-CBN network, which include ANC. I feel that you have the right to know why you may be losing my business.

The hosts, news anchors and reporters on ABS-CBN public affairs and news programs are notoriously partisan and biased. At times, it can even be considered offensive and prejudicial. While ABS-CBN network slogan may be “In service to the Filipino,” their reporting is anything but. The truth is that ABS-CBN news and public affairs programs are helping to further the political and economical divide amongst the Filipinos by shamelessly editorializing news in favor of one political group.

Until these issues are addressed and remedied, I will not watch ABS-CBN news and public affairs program. Furthermore, until your company discontinues your relationship with ABS-CBN network, I will not purchase your products or services.

Please consider severing your ties with ABS-CBN network and/or its news and public affairs programs and spending your advertising budget in areas that will help build a better Philippines. It is never acceptable for a company to support the intentional distribution of misinformation and bias to the Filipinos.



I sent this to Unilever Philippines' website. You can also send this by clicking here. If you prefer to send this letter by mail, you may address it to:

Unilever Philippines
1351 United Nations Ave.,
Paco Manila 1007

Tomorrow I will be mailing this same to Proctor & Gamble Philippines:

Procter & Gamble
Distributing Philippines Inc.
6750 Ayala Office Tower
Makati 1226

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