Sunday, February 12, 2012

Onslaught of Democratic Institutions

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile
The fools at the Palace shifted full gear its attack on our democratic institutions. After prostituting and undermining the independence of the House of Representative and besmirching the Supreme Court, the path of destruction of democratic institutions now points to the Senate.

And the specific target of the onslaught - Senate President himself, Juan Ponce Enrile.

Enrile has ably steered the Senate in its regular function as a law-making body to be productive. As an impeachment court, the Senate President has exhibited has been "fair and even-handed" as politial columnist Belinda Olivarez-Cunanan observed.

Maybe it's this fairness and even-handedness of Senate President Enrile that prompted Aquino and his yellow marauding horde to exert political pressures and threats to the veteran senator. Because if only every senator sitting as judge in the impeachment court will follow Manong Johnny's objectivity and fairness, Chief Justice Corona is sure to be acquitted. So far, the prosecution panel has yet to provide compelling evidence that will warrant conviction.

Press con of Corona's defense panel
At last night's press conference of Corona's defense panel, it was revealed that the Palace is offering senators at least Ps. 100 million to effect a revamp of the Senate leadership. The information apparently came from Sen. Jinggoy Estrada who relayed it to defense panel chief Serafin Cuevas. As expected, many senators, including Estrada himself, came forward to disprove that there was such bribery attempt. But as we all know, in Philippine politics, oftentimes a denial means no less than a confirmation.

How important Enrile's ouster as Senate president is for Noynoy Aquino? Last Thursday, the Supreme Court, in a heated en banc session, tackled PS Bank's petition for TRO regarding Corona's dollar accounts. The High Court decided favorably on PS Bank's petition and this could very well serve as an impediment on the impeachment court to look into the controversial accounts.

Aquino and his lackeys are hellbent in their desire to open Corona's dollar accounts to predicate allegations of ill-gotten wealth under Article 2.4 which the Enrile impeachment court earlier set aside for lack of merits. With Enrile out, Aquino and his allies see the dollar accounts opened, Article 2.4 reconsidered and the chief justice convicted.

If Aquino and his allies believe that ousting Enrile is a short-cut to Corona's conviction, they are darn mistaken! Doing so will completely take away the remaining mantle of political decency.

Enrile and Cagayan 200 led by Honasan

Senate President Enrile commands respect and sizeable following especially in the military. Ousting him could very well turn the tide against Aquino and finally stop the rape of Philippine democracy.

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